Antiques: Russian Treasures

Source: The New York Times, December 19, 2003 By Wendy Moonan. Excerpted from The New York Times, December 19, 2003. Page E41. Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company Russian Treasures The 150-year-old company À la Vieille Russie has greatly … Continue reading

Eye on Gems: Pearls

The Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Art, By Mark Schaffer of A La Vieille Russie PDF of Eye on Pearls


У РОССИИ ВТОРОГО ТАКОГО ШАНСА НЕ БУДЕТ Summary: К продаже Сотбис коллекции императорских пасхальных яиц из собрания Форбса. Независимая Газэта. Александр Тихонов. 16 января 2004 г. January 16, 2004. Nezavissimaya Gazeta, Moscow. By Alexandre Tikhonov.


Формирование коллекции изделий Фаберже для журнала Форбс. Зима 2004 Продажа части коллекции изделий Фаберже, принадлежавшей журналу Форбс была большим событием для ALVR, чье длительное сотрудничество с Малколмом Форбсом началось в 1964 году. В том году на пасху он, вместе с … Continue reading

A La Vieille Russie Recreates Its Paris Years At Didier Aaron

Source: Antiques & The Arts Online By Laura Beach A La Vieille Russie is lifting the cover on a dealer’s most closely guarded secret: its guest book, or livre d’or, containing the names of dozens of its best clients, colleagues … Continue reading

A Helping Hand – from Forbes Magazine

We have seen great and turbulent times in history – from our founding in 1851 in Kiev to our leaving Russia with the Communist takeover of private business to our shop in Paris and then the advance of the Nazis … Continue reading

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In a Nutshell: Blaze of Glory from Arts & Antiques

Demand for cigarette cases kept Fabergé’s artisans busy. According to the 1998 book The Fabergé Case, Jalmari Haikonen, an engraver employed by Fabergé in St. Petersburg from 1915–18, noted seeing as many as 40 lined up, awaiting his attention. “A … Continue reading

Sick Schaffer from ANTIQUE International

Sick Schaffer Source: ANTIQUE International By Amy Page, Editor-in-Chief of Art and Auction ‘The only reason we sell,’ says New York dealer Peter Schaffer, ‘is that we are sicker than our customers. Our customers need to buy something once a … Continue reading

Photo: Julie Glassberg/The New York Times

Take a Taste, or a Big Bite, of Luxury from The NY Times

3 P.M. Glance at the flashy displays of diamonds in the windows of Graff, Leviev and Chopard as you stroll down Madison Avenue, turning onto 59th Street. At the corner is À La Vieille Russie, a fifth-generation antique jewelry and … Continue reading

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A Ruby Is To A Sapphire as an Emerald is to an Aquamarine

 Gemstones come in traditional colors. However, these “traditional” colors are usually not the only colors that exist for these gems. Often some of the most interesting colors are used in antique jewelry. A corundum by any other name is still … Continue reading

Russian Treasures – As mentioned in The New York Times

The 150-year-old company À la Vieille Russie has greatly expanded its gallery at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. “We wanted to have more space to do exhibitions,” said Mark Schaffer, an owner. The first show, “St. Petersburg and Imperial Style,” … Continue reading

ALVR & Forty Years of FORBES and FABERGE

Winter 2004 The sale of a portion of the Forbes Magazine Collection of Fabergé has been of particular interest to A La Vieille Russie, whose long association with Malcolm Forbes began in 1964. At Easter of that year, he made … Continue reading