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We have seen great and turbulent times in history – from our founding in 1851 in Kiev to our leaving Russia with the Communist takeover of private business to our shop in Paris and then the advance of the Nazis – and NOW: New York – our home.

Forbes Ad 1The art market is a turbulent place too – it always has been – and that is why we continue to offer a “helping hand” to collectors – we have expertise borne of years in the field of the decorative arts including, of course, Russian pieces. We trace our knowledge back to the time that Faberge, himself, was a client. He collected antiques from us and no doubt used some of them as the inspiration for his creations. (Faberge is the legendary jeweler and goldsmith to the last two Czars of Imperial Russia. ) And, as a matter of fact, we brought Faberge to this country – and to France. It was a business decision that embodied the three things needed to ‘launch’ a product: Quantity, Quality and Price. After all, Faberge’s pieces were not very old (he died in 1920) but they have passed the test of time. It was a business decision that has pleased us and we know – many many collectors and admirers of his work.

We have seen many things come and go, but one thing remains: True collectors are interested in quality, authenticity and the beauty of style. As with collectors of old – and collectors of today – the interest in jewelry, the jeweled arts, the decorative arts, paintings etc. has continued to be as strong and as varied as ever. It is not just that “something from Vieille Russie” is considered prestige, but it is the variety and quality of what we have that keeps us around.

Quality – authenticity – beauty – variety;value style – and service are the important elements to our business and for the formation of the many collections in which we have been involved. A great many of our collectors and clients also use us as resource for gifts for all occasions: births, graduation, wedding, anniversary and, of course, birthdays and special holidays. Without a doubt, with inflation the way it has been over the last decades and with our insistence on quality, it has been difficult to find quality pieces in all price ranges. We do still, however, try to fill all ranges.

We offer a hand in collecting and in learning. Our pieces, and your collecting, are all the more interesting for the stories and histories of why they exist, where, when and for whom they were made. Unfortunately, the ‘stories’ and ‘histories’ have to be true so we cannot have one in depth for everything. We truly feel that our pieces do ‘communicate’ but they do not tell us who said what to whom and when. We wish they did – what wonders and what history they must have seen. We still ask them for an answer but…

Forbes Ad 2Forbes has been around for 77 years – FYI for five. We have been around for 145. We, all of us, understand that we have to ‘deal’ with the best and to present it in an interesting, clear and attractive way.

We invite you to visit our shop – at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. That is really the best way you can see the wide variety of what we offer. Or, you can write us for a small catalogue we have just completed to give you an overview. We look forward to your visit and to the next 145 years.

A La Vieille Russie, Inc.,
781 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022

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