Preview of Masterpiece London 2014


Every summer at this time London becomes the focus of the art world, with the distinguished art and antiques fair Masterpiece, at the center. Held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, fine and decorative art, ancient and modern, luxury of today and yesterday, all intersect at this grand event. The show premiered Wednesday, june 25th, and runs through July 2nd.

“The crowds are amazing today,” reported co-owner Mr. Peter Schaffer, from Wednesday’s premier.

This year’s fair features a range of themes, including the centennial of World War I and the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare. In honor of these events, exhibitors were asked to select pieces representing these themes. For the WWI centennial, ALVR selected a Fabergé copper coup kettle used at the front, and other similar WWI-era Fabergé  pieces. In honor of Shakespeare, we are featuring a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed brooch by Tiffany & Co. Blog posts on these pieces can be found here and here.

We are also exhibiting a selection of antique jeweled sautoirs, an Edwardian era Chaumet diamond and emeral diadem, and an ornate set of silver-gilt fruit and cheese knives and forks by Fabergé featuring shibuichi-ornamented handles.

Come see all this and more at booth C8!

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