ALVR Videos

Jade Wasp Earrings

Continuing our Spring Jewels video series with a vibrant pair of jade and coral wasp earrings.

Montana Sapphire Pansy

Continuing our Spring Jewels series with a look at a Montana sapphire pansy brooch pendant.

Brooch and Earrings by Schlumberger

This video highlights some of the sculptural and whimsical floral jewels Jean Schlumberger designed for Tiffany & Co.

Arts & Crafts Earrings by Dorrie Nossiter

The English Arts & Crafts jeweler Dorrie Nossiter believed earrings are always in – we have to agree!

Georgian & Georgian Revival Earrings

Elegant and timeless, these diamond pendeloque earrings have glittered for centuries and remain perfect statement pieces in our own time.

Marcus & Co. Earrings

Established in 1892 by Herman Marcus and his sons William and George, the New York firm Marcus & Co. created some of the most interesting jewels of their time.

1960s Earrings

Mid-century jewelers took inspiration from abstract contemporary works of art, creating wearable sculpture. This video features earrings by Cartier and Georges L’Enfant.

Diamond Drop Earrings

We all know “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and in this video we’re introducing you to some of our favorites!

Transformable Earrings

In this video we’re showcasing multipurpose earrings you can easily take from work to play!

Clip On Earrings

After the clip fitting was invented in the 1930s, earrings were made in a range of interesting styles and shapes.

Victorian Hair Earrings

Popular since the 18th century, hair jewelry peaked in the Victorian period. In a time before email and telephones, hair provided a tangible connection to loved ones.