Dining With the Czars


Catherine the Great's Cup & Saucer

Created for the Empress’s personal use.
Catherine the Great (1762-1796)

Porcelain, colorless glaze, gold painting. Height of cup 10 cm. (3 7/8 in.), diameter of saucer 14.2 cm. (5 5/8 in.)

Sugar Bowl c. 1830

Sugar Bowl c. 1830

From the Batenin Factory, St. Petersburg. Circa 1830’s.

Sugar bowl.
Porcelain, overglaze polychrome decoration. gilding, tooling. Height 13.4 cm. (5 1/4 in.).


Dining With the Czars – The Gothic Service

From the Gothic Service, 1832-1834.

Intended for the Winter Palace in Gothic stained glass motifs. Original and later pieces from various reigns. Plate is 23.9 cm (9 3/8 in.).


Dining With the Czars – Wine Cooler

From a dinner service made for Emperor Paul I (1796-1801) .

Wine Cooler. Porcelain, overglaze polychrome decoration, gilding. Height 17.5 cm. (6 3/4 in.).