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A selection of jewels to complement summer ensembles: sun-kissed gold, gemstones in shades of blue, yellow, and green, with bejeweled flowers, fish, and other critters.

Fontenay Antique Revival Gold Fringe Necklace Vintage 1920s Diamond Swan Brooch pictured swimming in water Art Deco Janesich Diamond and Enamel Dragonfly Brooch pictured on a leaf main view, Retro Three Color Gold Bracelet Gold Tassel Earrings main view, Victorian Woven Pinchbeck Necklace main view, Dorrie Nossiter Arts and Crafts Earrings Vintage 1970s Sapphire and Citrine Bracelet on a green popsicle with a blue background main view, Peridot, Diamond, and Sapphire Earrings by Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. main view, Contemporary Turquoise Bead Necklace Cartier Two-Color Gold Earrings with a melting pink-colored popsicle main view, 1960s Citrine and Gold Necklace and Ring by David Thomas