Fabergé Silver Candelabra

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Pair of Rococo bowenite and silver two-light candelabra.

By Fabergé, workmaster J. Rappoport, ca. 1900.

Height: 8 1/2 inches

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Russian Pan Slavic Silver Bogatyr Beaker


Antique Russian silver beaker with repoussé and chased design depicting two bogatyrs, heroic warriors from Slavic folklore. Cyrillic inscription along bottom: “zastava bogatyrskaya,” meaning “bogatyrs’ outpost.”

Russian, ca. 1900.
Height: 3 7/16


text detail 1, Russian Pan Slavic Silver Beakertext detail 2, Russian Pan Slavic Silver Beakertext detail 3, Russian Pan Slavic Silver Beakermarks detail, Russian Pan Slavic Silver Beaker

Fabergé Silver-mounted Kuznetsov Vase


Kuznetsov pottery vase set in a silver mount by Fabergé, workmaster A. Nevaleinen.
St. Petersburg, Russia, ca. 1900.
Height: 3 ½ in.

This vase speaks beautifully to Fabergé’s interest in mounting compelling porcelain and glass objects from other sources. This included decorative objects made locally in Russia, like Kuznetsov, and abroad, such as Royal Doulton Burslem, Tiffany, and Gallé.

Kuznetsov founded his Moscow ceramics factory in 1810. The firm received the title “Purveyor to the Imperial Court” in 1902 and by the end of the Romanov era, had become the largest of its kind in Russia.

Fabergé Aventurine and Silver Candlesticks


Pair of aventurine and silver dolphin-form candlesticks.

By Fabergé, workmaster A. Nevaleinen.
St. Petersburg, Russia, ca. 1890.
Height: 5 ½ in.

Antique Gold, Silver and Enamel Skull Stickpin


Whimsical gold stick pin with silver skull wearing a gold and blue enamel pointed hat.

French, mid nineteenth century
Head: 1 1/8 x 5/8 inches


Antique Gold, Silver and Enamel Skull StickpinAntique Gold, Silver and Enamel Skull Stickpin

Fabergé Rhodonite Tray


Silver-mounted oval rhodonite tray. With its original case.

By Fabergé, St. Petersburg, ca. 1910.
Length: 14 inches

Fabergé Rhodonite Tray, box

Trompe l’oeil Silver

tromp l'oeil

Trompe l’oeil, meaning ‘fool the eye,’ is a term traditionally applied to paintings exhibiting such photographic detail as to make the viewer believe they are actually seeing the object(s) depicted. When used to describe these late nineteenth-century works of Russian silver, the term refers to the way these pieces simulate birch bark wood. Objects decorated to look like wood were quite popular in Russia in the second half of the nineteenth-century, as craftsmen sought to mimic the “bast” shoes made of woven birch bark worn by the peasants.

Romanticizing the peasantry is a frequently occurring theme in the arts, particularly the nineteenth-century. This especially rang true in Russia following Alexander II’s emancipation of the serfs in 1861. Suddenly there was tremendous interest in the music, arts and crafts, and daily life of the serfs.

A yearning for a Russian art unmarred by Western influence contributed to what became the Russian Revival in the 1870s and 1880s. In addition to studies of serf life, there was also an interest in exploring earlier Russian artistic traditions, providing craftsmen a rich body of sources for creating beautiful, distinctly Russian works of art.

Trompe l’oeil  was an international trend, being also in fashion in America during this period and produced by notable firms like Gorham and Tiffany. However, this 1871 birch box and 1882 milk jug, coupled with a number of other exceptional pieces, leave no one fooled as to the mastery of this genre.

Fabergé Large Silver and Blue-Purple Enamel Frame


Large silver and blue-purple guilloché enamel rectangular frame.

By Fabergé, workmaster H. Armfelt
St. Petersburg, ca. 1900
10 x 8 inches

Fabergé Silver-mounted Holly and Amboyna Wood Frame


Silver-mounted holly and amboyna wood frame.
The use of two contrasting color woods set off by a gilded bow and garland creates a dramatic presentation.

By Fabergé, St. Petersburg, ca. 1900
10-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches

Natural Pearl and Diamond Cluster Ring


Victorian natural pearl and old mine diamond cluster ring, set in silver and gold. Each diamond is approx. 0.80 carats. Warm silver overtone natural pearl is approx. 13mm with high dome.

English, ca. 1870.
Cluster diameter: 3/4 inch


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aerial view, Natural Pearl and Diamond Cluster Ringside view, Natural Pearl and Diamond Cluster Ring

Victorian Diamond and Ruby Snake Bracelet


Coiled snake bracelet with gold scaled body, with an old-mine diamond and ruby head and tail set in silver.

English, ca. 1880


Victorian Old-Mine Diamond and Ruby Coiled Snake Bracelet, backVictorian Old-Mine Diamond and Ruby Coiled Snake Bracelet, arm

Antique Rock Crystal Necklace


Cushion-cut rock crystal necklace mounted in silver and gold.

English, ca. 1890
Length: 16 1/2 inches


Antique Rock Crystal Necklace, closedAntique Rock Crystal Necklace, detailAntique Rock Crystal Necklace, back