Antique Diamond, Ruby, Emerald Floral Spray Brooch

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Diamond, ruby, and emerald spray brooch set en tremblant in silver and gold with approximately 4 carats of emeralds,  3 carats of rubies and 4.75 carats of old-mine-cut diamonds.

French, ca. 1825.

Length: 3-1/4 inches


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Diamond Flower Jewelry in Eternal Bloom


Naturalism bloomed in the nineteenth century. Fashionable ladies adorned themselves with elaborate floral jewels like these rose and peony brooches and cornflower hair ornament. The period’s fascination with flora developed into the Victorian language of flowers, which was used to express a range of sentiments. Each of the following jewels has a different meaning and depicts a different stage of blooming, demonstrating the romantic interest in lifecycles:

The rose about to blossom,

diamond rose brooch

Diamond brooch in the form of a rose, set in gold and silver. English, ca. 1860.

Roses have many meanings depending on their color, but primarily express love. For example, tea rose symbolizes love remembered, pink rose represents secret love, and a white rose signifies innocence.

The peony in full bloom,

diamond peony brooch

Tremblant old-mine diamond peony spray brooch mounted in silver and gold. The brooch was possibly made by an English jeweler for the Russian court, circa 1860.

In the language of flowers, peonies symbolize bashfulness, compassion, and happy marriages.

The cornflower, with its cascading, en pempille, petals, on the verge of decay:

diamond cornflower hair ornament

Diamond cornflower hair ornament, set en tremblant, and mounted in silver and gold. French, attributed to Oscar Massin, circa 1850.

The en pempille technique, referring to the cascading stones, combined with the springs of the en tremblant setting, enhances the sense of delicacy and refinement the Victorians expressed through cornflowers in their floral language.

Each of these is a unique example of how master craftsman imitated nature in jewelry. Often set en tremblant, floral-themed jewelry sprang to life, with diamonds sparkling like dew drops, creating a playful rendering of nature out of nature’s materials.

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TEFAF Maastricht 2014


We have been busy getting ready for the world’s premier art show, The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) in Maastricht, Holland. It will run from March 12th through the 24th.

The show has its origins as the “Pictura Fine Art Fair,” opening in 1975 with a specialty in Old Master paintings and medieval sculptures. Over the years, the show expanded to include textiles, Modern and Contemporary painting, jewelry, books and manuscripts, and Classical Antiquities. 275 galleries from 20 countries now exhibit at the Fair, bringing an outstanding range of art and antiques. Whether one is looking for furniture, paintings, jewelry, musical instruments, or carpets, all can be found at TEFAF, and then some.

Antique Diamond Peony BroochOur highlights include a selection of our antique jewels: a nineteenth-century Russian diamond brooch in the form of a peony, set en tremblant, and a diamond and peridot dragonfly, also set en tremblant.

We are also bringing a selection of Faberge animals, such as a group of hardstone circus elephants, including a jasper one with rose diamond eyes once owned by HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, son of King George V and Queen Mary.

Further information regarding tickets and more can be found on the TEFAF website.

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